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The Proper Buyin Amounts for Ohama Hi Lo

Like any game of poker, always buy-in for a substantial amount of chips. In the game of Hi Lo Omaha, that amount should be at least 50 times the small stakes. For example on a $4-8 game, that amount would be $200. How much do you buy-in for in games like these?


Religious Beliefs – How They Relate to Poker

Many individuals advocate for the power of prayer in all aspects of life. That’s great, but try not to be convinced that your personal religious beliefs are a huge controlling factor in your poker game. In a game of skill and strategy like poker, I find it best to focus on the facts. How do you feel about this topic?

Your 2 Best Cards in Hold’em

What 2 cards would you keep in Hold’em?

After playing so many “live” poker tournaments, I have come up with the only kinds of hands that are acceptable to play in this kind of game.

Play high, 2-card flushes (King or Ace only), high suited or unsuited straights, high cards (e.g., Ace-Jack), high pairs, med pairs and small pairs (if not raised)

Wouldn’t everyone agree on that?

Hello Poker World!

Welcome to my Live Poker Strategies blog. We’re just starting this blog, however, it’ll be an informative forum for everyone, worldwide, to voice their opinion about any aspect pertaining to playing live poker.

From time to time I’ll be posting some short poker tips, along with giving bloggers plenty of juicy stories of my travels around the world. Do feel free to post any comments you may have as well.

I look forward to hearing from everyone.  Mr. Chips